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individual psychotherapy

via secure video

In depth healing work from the comfort of your own home.



Begin harnessing your inner strength rather than being enslaved to shame, self-criticism, and doubt.

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My therapeutic philosophy

When we enter the world, we enter as someone’s child. We are often defined by our relationships: as so-and-so’s spouse, brother, sister, daughter, son, etc. Our families, sometimes the most intimate relationships we have, impact us and set us on course for future relationships.

It is within the context of relationships we are harmed, and it is within the context of relationship we find profound healing and transformation.

Thus, I believe that the therapeutic relationship, the relationship between therapist and client(s) is of the utmost importance. My practice as a counselor is arranged in a way that helps the relationship become strong, secure, and safe for the hard work of counseling to be done. I believe, and am honored, that my job is to work alongside these courageous humans as they seek wholeness and healing from past or current pain and heartache.

While I work with individuals from mainly all walks of life, I specialize in working with women and adolescent girls struggling with issues related to trauma, lack of self-confidence, food/body concerns, and developing a strong sense of self.

I pull from many therapeutic orientations, but mostly I would describe my practice as being trauma-informed, empowerment-based, attachment-based, relational, feminist psychodynamic psychotherapy utilizing skills from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and paying particular attention to how the issues are being manifested within the body.

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Online Therapy…what is that?

With the advancement of technology, mental health care is able to grow and expand. This means that now you can receive psychotherapy services from your couch, your bed, your office, wherever is most comfortable for you. It all happens via secure video on a HIPAA compliant platform. This enables people more flexibility in scheduling (no more traffic and fighting for parking!) and closes the barrier many people would otherwise face in receiving care. You don’t have to worry about running into your coworker, a neighbor, or anybody else for that matter going to or coming from your therapy appointment!

While technology has helped the mental health field expand and reach people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access care (rural areas, homebound individuals, etc), there are still some licensing and legal issues the United States limits us with. Therefore, I am only able to offer psychotherapy services to Washington, Texas, or international residents at this time.


Issues/struggles I specialize in…

  • relationship issues
    • relationship violence
    • communication struggles
    • infidelity
    • conflict management
    • intimacy and passion
  • trauma or abuse
    • relationship/domestic violence
    • sexual assault/rape
    • childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual) and neglect
  • anxiety : panic attacks
  • depression
  • self-esteem : self-harm
  • identity : sense of self
  • food : disordered eating
  • body : self-image
  • athletes
    • competitiveness
    • identity struggles particular to athletes
    • exercise addiction
    • time management
    • sense of self-worth
    • finding balance with rest and self-care
  • life transitions
  • grief & loss
  • spirituality questions & concerns
  • ministry care and support : self-care for helping professionals


 I’m Interested…now what?

It is natural to have questions and/or concerns when thinking about starting therapy with someone, whether it is the first time or the zillionth time. That is why I offer a free 20 minute phone consult for us to chat and I can answer any questions you may have. This will allow you to get a feel for myself as a clinician and see if I may be the right therapist for you. If after the conversation we decide to continue working together, I will send you some emails with a whole bunch of information! This includes the specific details on the secure video platform I use, initial forms that I’ll need you to complete (all online of course!), and other logistical things. I’ll always do my best to answer any questions you have.

For my psychotherapy clients, I typically recommend meeting at least once per week. This allows us to develop a trusting relationship and for us to really get into a rhythm with each other. I find that meeting every other week or less results in just check-ins, which I don’t find to have a whole lot of therapeutic value, at least for the first few years of working together.


Fees & Insurance

Fee at Time of Service [Credit or Debit Card through secure patient portal]

  • $120 per 50-55 minute session
  • $150 per 75 minute session

I am currently not paneled or considered “In network” with insurance companies. However, you may be able to receive out of network benefits. If you would like me to bill your insurance for out of network benefits, or if you’d like me to invoice you and pay for your services at a later date, the fees are as follows:

  • $140 per 50 minute session
  • $185 per 75 minute session

Some sliding scale spots may be available. Please email me at to inquire.

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